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Only In Nigeria:

A Country Where Covid-19 Takes A Break For Elections, But Is Seriously Having a Party at Schools.
“More reasons Why The FG Should Allow Resumption of Schools” How can the federal government allow campaigns to hold, and elections to be conducted, but discontinue classes? Are those carrying out electioneering activities not humans too? Who is fooling who”

N.B: this is going to be a very interesting but lengthy write up. so for lazy readers, you have the permission to fall out, but trust me you would be missing a lot if you do so. thanks So without further ado let’s get into business proper.

Sometimes, I laugh when I look at the way things are been handled in this country. It’s very unfortunate that even in the 21st century, we treat critical issue like there is nothing at stake. I totally understand and respect FG’s decision to suspend the reopening of schools until next year. But have we thought of the side effects of this very drastic decision? I guess not.

There is no doubt anywhere, that almost 2 semesters (terms) has been lost since the indefinite suspension of schools in March, alongside Markets, religious worship centers, social events and even Private business because of the deadly virus, Corona.

Religious worship centers , social events, private business and even small markets have been reinstated, why then can schools not reopen? Having listened to some people who share the same sentiment with the federal government, they’ve all based their thoughts on the fact that majority of the schools in the country (primary & secondary) have little premise, which might not be conducive for social Distancing, while some others said that it might be very difficult to control children while in school as per social distancing.

Here is me thinking, you open a market (regardless of the fact whether it is small or big, a market is still a market.), A place where different species of Humans come to trade(both sane and insane), densely populated and rowdy. Can a market ever be as coordinated as a rowdy school environments? Can you enforce social distancing in such a place? I guess not.

What about private business? this has been my greatest annoyance. they know themselves, I have been looking for a perfect time to talk about their hypocrisy and I think I have my go now. I Know they are a thousand and one in this category, but am just going to talk about one, THE BANKS.

I always laugh at the dramatic irony being portrayed on bank premises anytime I come across one. How can you say you are practicing social distancing, and in the same vane, you try to decongest your banking hall inside, by conveying TENS and HUNDREDS of people outside the bank, standing closely to each other without keeping a healthy distance, are you sure you are ok at all? The worst of all is that this people standing outside the banks will not even be putting on their nose mask. Yes their nose mask! That reminds me, Who told Nigerians that nose mask is ment for the JAW? I see people every now and then put on their nose mask to their JAW. it is more like a new trend these days. “Oga! the reason why it’s called nose mask, it is because it’s ment to cover your nose and mouth.

As I was saying, they will not even be putting on their nose mask while standing outside. Does that not contradict the concept of social distancing?, is that not hypocrisy?, Abi the people you are conveying outside congested, can’t contract the virus from an infected person there? Just few weeks back, after series of tests carried out on a bank In Rivers State by NCDC officials. it was estimated that over a good number of persons including staff members and even the manager of the bank had contracted the novel coronavirus pandemic. Doesn’t this show that banks are even more vulnerable than we think?

Let’s take a stroll to religious centers. I Know many Religious Fanatics, intellectually impaired, myopic and clueless individuals will attack me for this, but I care less about your reaction. It’s really no news that religious centers have returned, under “strict social Health regulations” which amounts to limited number of worshippers in a particular session, hand wash in strategic positions, wearing of face mask etc.

But how many of this religious centers, still adhere strictly to this regulations? I guess you don’t want to carry out the statistical analysis yourself. I know the Christians will think am talking about churches, so will the Muslims think am pinpointing to the mosques. That is left for them to decide. Asides your church, have you taken time to look out for other churches, in your area how they carry out their services? I guess not. And if you have, brother, tell you self the truth are they strictly carrying out the Government regulations on COVID19?

I am privileged to have a mosques in my area. one of the Fridays I decided to have a view from a distance during their JUMM’AT prayers, am sure you won’t like to hear my experience.
In majority of the churches, that have children classes, have you ever gone to the children classes to see what goes on there? E go shock you.

Am trying as much as possible not to go political with this write up, but there is no way on Earth I wouldn’t mention the forth coming elections in Edo state. I personally think that if there is anything that should be suspended in Nigeria presently, it is the election in Edo State. Our politicians in this country are more of comedians.

“Like seriously, you didn’t remember that there would be social distancing during campaigns, rallies and meetings? Not to talk about the election proper.” I want you all after now, to take a little recap of the primary elections in Edo State (both APC & PDP) my brother tell your self the truth, if such a gathering could hold, why won’t schools be able to hold?

What about what happened in Rivers State PDP election during the lockdown. Am sure you won’t want to talk about the late chief of staff’s Burial, ABBA KYARI. chai! I don touch Dem where e dey pain pass. I didn’t mean to anyways, but the truth must be told.

What then will happen on the day of election in Edo State? The last time I checked, from 1998 when Nigeria changed power to civilian rule, there haven’t been any free and fair election in the country. I mean an election free from stealing of Ballot boxes, molestation of voters swindling of election results, voters having to protest that the election results of polling units be counted in their own before etc. If this very trend be the case in Edo 2020, Will all these be done under Strict social distancing regulations ???🙄mtchheeew!!!

Am not writing all of this long article in order to ridicule anyone nor even oppose the Government decision but all am trying to say is that if over 70 persons can be gathered together in a worship center, markets can be reopened (be it small or big), Banks can convey TENS and HUNDREDS of people in a small canopy outside the bank without social distancing, Burial and wedding ceremonies can hold with not more than 50 person in attendance, political meetings can be held, up till the GUBERNATORIAL ELECTION. Who says it is impossible for schools to reopen this year, with strict Adherence to these rules??? I don’t want to buy into the sentiment of some individuals who think that it is because the people who are making this very decision, have their children all being schooled outside the country and would lose virtually nothing if this decision be upheld for the next 10years.

Other countries countries are planning on reopening thier educational sector some have already done so. We are the gaints of Africa, we should act like one.

Our teachers have been out of work for over 4months now, some have been relieved of their job. Don’t forget, they have a family to feed and bills to pay.

If we don’t return to school this year, it will be one year wasted, especially for the final year students in University, secondary and primary schools.
“What will happen to our house rents we paid for this year” a university student will say. Most presumable, you will pay another one next year.
“What will happen to my jamb that I wrote with an awaiting result?” Na FG get the answer to that question.

In as much as we would love to protect ourselves from the deadly virus Corona, we should also learn to weigh and make the comparisons appropriately to ensure we don’t make mistakes.

I am using this opportunity to call on the Federal Government through the ministry of education and all relevant organisations to do everything possible to ensure that our students return to school this year,if not all the students bought the final year students.

This is just from a concerned WAEC candidate
Post UTME candidate
And University aspirant
I guess now you can feel my pain a thousand and one other of my colleagues.
If schools failed to return this year it will be all but one wasted year.

We are ready to write an exam with all of the government health guidelines but not with another wasted year.


scientia sit potentia.

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